Corporate Philanthropy

  • 53 DM students

  • 41 families

  • Disaster relief

Program “Give back to our community” has started in 2004 with the aim to direct necessary aid to the most vulnerable categories of population. Since then, the program has involved dozens of families with most vulnerable livelihood, as well as non-profit organizations and associations working with the marginalized population groups.

Future Champions

Corporate philanthropy program “Future Champions” was initiated in 2008 for the purposes of helping young and talented sportsmen at the beginning of their careers. We take pride in the fact that even back then we have recognized their talents. Today, some of them possess the most prestigious sport medals – like Ivana Španović, Tatjana Jelača, Asmir Kolašinac, Milorad Čavić, Ivan Lendjer, the Moldovan sisters and Mihailo Dudaš.

Pro bono Support

We use our skills and knowledge for common good. Therefore, we endeavor to help the organizations and associations in raising public awareness on important social issues. We highlight the voluntary engagement of our employees in numerous projects, time and energy used for providing pro bono services.
Among numerous campaigns we have supported in this way, we will only list some of them which achieved their goals, inspired people to act and won prestigious awards:

CSR programs

Key CSR program in 2015 is training of young people to understand the real values in society. Therefore, we became strategic partners with Novak Djokovic Foundation in publishing youth magazine Original designed for students and future leaders of this country. Quality content in media is important for the development of young people, their talents and interests and it is our great pleasure that, as sponsors of the magazine, we became a part of the team which enforces the idea of promoting the real values.