Fond B92, Fusion Communications

Some of the incubators in Serbia were 40 years old, and mortality rate of newborn babies who weighed less than 999 grams reached 65% in Serbia. Because of that, the humanitarian action “Battle for the Babies” was launched with the aim to raise funds for purchasing 100 new incubators for our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Our mission was to incite the entire public to get involved in “Battle for the Babies” and hence put pressure on those who are able to help.


Our means were our words that we have used to motivate the individuals and companies in the media to join our battle and stand in the frontlines of “Battle for the Babies” as much as they can. We have created and implemented dynamic public relations strategy during the entire campaign. By organizing events such as: football match FC Red Star – IMN “Montevideo – Taste of a dream”, basketball match BC Red Star Belgrade – BC Bayern Munich, celebration of a Victory Day of “The Battle for the Babies” which was held in the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in the presence of the highest state officials, including many other sport events, exhibitions, humanitarian parties…, we made an effort to reach as many people, companies and individuals as possible, and move them to action. We monitored the campaign range daily and reported to the media and the public regularly.


  • Total number of media reports: 1174
  • Total PR value: EUR 1.2 million
  • In various ways more than a million people got involved in the action. More than 80 hero companies, over 500 individuals and almost 170 small enterprises have donated money for the procurement of new incubators. More than 200 volunteers made a daily effort so as to keep all the citizens of Serbia aware of the fact that “Battle for the Babies” is still going on. The citizens of Serbia have sent almost 6.000 text messages to the special number 3100.
  • More than 160 incubators were provided for 40 health care institutions in the entire territory of Serbia