Be A Kid Moja Kravica – chocolate milk

The story started from the brief the client gave us which was clearly an invitation to play—he wanted us all to be children. No matter how old you are, it is always easy for you to get down to the child’s level. The truth is you will never refuse to play with a child and you will never regret it. On the contrary, during and after the play, a smile will linger on your face and you will almost certainly forget about all the “big” worries that will no longer seem important as soon as you see a child’s honest and innocent grin….


What is fascinating is the fact that the brand we all loved as children, and to be honest, we love it even today, has never had a campaign before. Never! The challenge was great, but so was our pleasure! And, what do children do when they want to play? They call other kids. Therefore, we launched new and modern communication channels, engaged little boys and girls, and played with them.


In less than a month the campaign reached out to almost half a million people through communication channels that are not that commonly used in Serbia and brought out smiles with every new sip, I mean, selfie…