Choco City – Microsite

The microsite is conceived as a platform for carrying out the entire communication via digital channels, both now and in the future. Its gradual development is planned in accordance with the current campaigns and client’s requirements.


We drew inspiration from the fact that the man is homo ludens, i.e. a being created to play and when the play stops, the life stops, too. The website is focused on specific content, which aims to make people more active, both children and their parents and bring out the most beautiful feelings. Visual effects are not neglected and they enhance the quality of the content. The tone of communication is cheerful, fun, optimistic and most important of all, pragmatic. Our task is to take parents and children through the play into a whole new, fun world, a world where true values are nurtured and every moment enjoyed.


IAB Mixx Awards (2016) – Best microsite