Dare to be tender

MILKA, For markets in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and BiH

In 2011 Milka brand has launched the global campaign “Dare to be tender” which represented the brand in a new and different approach in the category of chocolate manufacturers. Our task was to convince our biggest target audience that chocolate has the power to wake up their gentle side and increase the brand recognition for markets in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and BiH.


We have created a comprehensive campaign in three stages by using all channels that can convey the message of the brand. The campaign started by research on how tender we actually are, and the media were inundated with PR texts which were to draw attention to the lack of tenderness and emotions in everyday life. Teaser campaign in PR, supported by the Internet banners, had an aim to awaken awareness on how tenderness and caring got lost in fast-paced tempo of a modern man’s life. Launch has commenced with TV broadcasting of a video which was seen by 12.5 million people in EAM region during the campaign. On the Facebook page “Dare to be tender” we had 40.000 likes and 300.000 engaged fans in four countries. Messages of tenderness were on the covers of the media in the region, led screens and billboards on 500 locations and impressive displays in stores as well. For the final phase of the campaign we encouraged tenderness among people. We distributed gifts as special Milka chocolate presents with messages of tenderness in direct contact with 90.000 people in 14 cities in the region.


  • The awareness of Milka brand as a tender partner in showing emotions to the ones we love grew immensely
  • Milka market share in Slovenia was the highest in its category in the past three years
  • Top of mind awareness in Croatia jumped from 48% to 60 %
  • Ad awareness in Serbia grew from 77% to 88%, and sales results were extraordinary