Perwoll Fashion Catalogue

HENKEL, Serbia

How to classify Perwoll as a special duty detergent to separate it from Persil and Ariel liquid detergents which slowly increase market share by replacing traditional powder detergents? That was a campaign brief and we wanted to adapt the entire communication to the strategy and brand image and its link to fashion.


We have decided to create our own communication channel – fashion catalogue to present the history of the brand, all types of Perwoll and advantages of its use for special types of fabric, but also to educate consumers and strengthen the brand equity. Therefore, we have created Perwoll fashion catalogue as a special edition of Elle magazine. We asked Elle fashion editors, as experts for fashion, fabrics and trends, to act as editors of Perwoll catalogue too. We gave premium format to the brand and a position for the maximum visibility, precisely targeting the trend setters and connecting the brand with the content that additionally highlights its brand equity.


Clients’ assessment: Out of the Box solution and continuation of campaign in every season
Bonus result:If we consider the fact that Stefano Gabbana, a member of popular fashion brand, actually posted the image of Perwoll catalogue cover on his Instagram profile we can be quite sure that is was a top level of execution.