Rompetrol Efi X

Rompetrol, Bulgaria

Rompetrol has launched new additive free gasoline – Efix – with engine protection as the main advantage of the product. We wanted to lure the car industry fan community, primarily men and everyone interested in cars and their performances.


we assigned a descriptive term to this product – expert selection. To win the trust of influential leaders in thematic areas, we have created Efi – a beautiful girl who needs help from Internet users to fix her car. In interaction with Efi on a special website, the visitors could ask her questions on the nature of the car problem and get answers which would point out what was the solution. Visitors got a video response to every question, and step by step they would learn that it was a problem with the gasoline. Efi still lives on Facebook with more than 400 friends. In the meantime, she became the main heroine in many news reports and Internet discussions.