Who cares where children are growing up?

NIVEA, Fusion Communications

Children’s playgrounds in Serbia are unkempt and scarce, and they are supposed to be places where children grow up and families get together, places where real values are cultivated.
Since the brand itself nurtures those values, NIVEA has committed to renovating as many playgrounds in Serbia as possible within its CSR strategy.


The main idea behind the “Who Cares Where Our Children are Growing Up” campaign was to build a strong emotional bond with people and raise their awareness about the importance of the issue, by this increasing the donation’s significance as much as possible.
Applying an integrated approach, we targeted and reached precisely those who do care where children are growing up.
Calling adults to action through staged children’s protests, we presented them with a challenge to get involved in an activist debate on Facebook and start sending photos of ruined playgrounds with their exact locations. At the same time, we generated information we required and increased awareness about the issue, which over time created pressure for the authorities to support the renovations.


  • The forming of a strong Facebook community with a high level of engagement
  • Already 14 playgrounds built across Serbia, and the playgrounds renovations project is still ongoing!
  • The plan is to have a NIVEA playground in five cities or towns every year
  • 37,900 likes on the Facebook page
  • 16,691 views on YouTube
  • 89 PR pieces and articles in media outlets
  • NIVEA awarded the campaign with its 2013 CSR Oscar at the global company level