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DIRECT MEDIA CELEBRATES A JUBILEE: We have been building the advertising market for twenty years

The most significant success is in duration, and DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions is celebrating 20 years of successful duration this year. On the pathway for two decades, many clients have been with Direct since the first days, until today, but new brands would also like to meet this agency with a vision for the future.

 In Direct, we say: “The key is trust, commitment, and constant development. We are unique, both in the region and globally, because all this time, as a local agency, we have managed to be the most successful.”

Under the slogan “XX Years of knowing DIRECTion”, where XX stands for a symbol of collaboration and decades of partnership, Direct Media celebrated its birthday first with employees, seniors, and young forces from Serbia and the region. With the celebration on the Danube quay, next to the river, international and local, Direct sent a message about the local with global quality, about the passage of time and duration, experience and vitality.

“For all these years, we have had a lot of challenges and temptations, we have hardened, but we have come out stronger. At the same time, we were building this market. We, in fact, have an excellent foundation, because we decided a long time ago not only to follow the trends but to set them – we have always been ahead of time and the whole market. However, the biggest reason we exist is the effort and work. We have a strong and large team that has constantly invested in its knowledge”, said Marija Matić, Strategy & Clients Director in Direct Media.

The digital environment is changing the world of advertising on a daily basis. That often poses challenges to marketing agencies on reaching consumers with an advertising message and being noticed. However, the experience and knowledge of agencies in the technology and people will be the factor that makes a difference, they say in Direct.

“There are over 25 billion connected devices in the world today, which makes the path from advertisers to consumers significantly more difficult. We in Direct Media solve this problem by combining art, science, and technology. Two of the five most prominent technology companies in the world originated from the revenue generated by the advertising industry, and we have made a great effort. Recently a very similar technology has been available to the local market, local media, and advertisers. We continue to invest in knowledge, technology, and people, said Vladimir Arandjelovic, Digital Director at Direct Media.

Direct Media digital sector is one of the largest on the market. Having established a research sector and then a creative sector, there are also data processing experts in Direct Media’s ranks. Although technology has become an integral part of life, the human factor remains crucial in the agency-client relationship.

“That trust in our expertise is the exact reason why clients stay with us for many years. We have long entered a new communication era, we know well the direction in which we are moving, and our clients are safe with us on that path”, said Ksenija Gačić, Account Planner at DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions.

In 2001, when it was established, Direct Media was the first earnest media agency in Serbia and as such, a pioneer in tracing the media advertising industry in the region. Today, as part of the United Media Group, it operates in 8 countries in the region and, with 250 employees in offices and affiliates, provides all marketing services in one place.

Here is what our partners said about us: