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Direct TALKS Podcast: Recession and how not to get involved

Remember the Direct Talks webinar from the Covid time? Well, it has become a podcast in the meantime.

In front of you is the first episode of the Direct Talks podcast, in which we tackle the recession because a crisis or anticipated crisis leaves no one — not even us marketers — indifferent.

Our Ljubica’s guest is Ivo Radaković from OTP banka. An experienced marketer with a strong background in business strategy, insights and analytics, value creation, and product and experience design.

Together they will try to answer the questions of how brands will be behaving in the upcoming period; whether campaigns will continue or new ones will be launched; and what strategy will companies adopt? How much do examples from history and data help us make the right decisions? And are we brave enough to listen to Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart? When asked what he thought of the recession, he simply replied, “I thought about it and decided not to get involved.”

Watch the first episode here:

Host: Ljubica Vukčević, Head of Data Analytics & Insights
Guest: Ivo Radaković, Head of Product Development and Customer Experience, OTP banka Srbija