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Direct IN Talks: Account Managers and Media Planners. How are you? What’ve you been up to?

Their Majesties Account Managers and Media Planners, and a Direct Talks dedicated to them!

Yes, this time our podcast is INternal!

We wanted to tell you more about our work, mainly all of you who are not quite sure what key account managers and media planners actually do but would very much like to know because maybe you want to work in Direct.

Our guests are our colleagues Vanja Dimitrijević and Damjan Ivakić from the Account department, and the best person to talk to them is our Sara Vidmar, from the HR team.

In the new Direct IN Talks, find out how this duo works in our system and why their roles are important in working with clients and the media. In addition, you’ll also find out what Direct Media’s onboarding looks like, who gets coffee for whom, and what moments from #agencylife are the most memorable.

Senior Account Executive Vanja Dimitrijević has many years of experience and has been part of our team for more than seven years, while Media Planner Damjan Ivakić joined the Direct family a little over a year ago. Check out how they see our business in the new Direct IN Talks podcast.

Watch the episode here:

Host: Sara Vidmar, HR Generalist, DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions

Damjan Ivakić, Media Planner, DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions
Vanja Dimitrijević, Senior Account Executive, DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions