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Everyone in the industry is responsible for the profession’s reputation!

Every year, Marketing mreža publishes its BUSINESS AND TRENDS series, in which agency, marketing, and communications directors weigh up the year behind us and give forecasts for the next. This time we talked to Marija Matić, Strategy&Clients Director, Direct Media United Solutions. 

Marketing mreža: How would you rate 2022 in terms of marketing communications in Serbia? Where are we now and where do we want to be?

Marija Matić: Above all else, 2022 was marked by global events, the economic crisis, and high inflation, as well as the relaxation of anti-COVID-19 measures. All these influences sufficiently speak to the overall industry landscape and how much — when we look at the whole year — we demonstrated tenacity and ability to adapt and create strong marketing communications.

The year 2022 focused on brand safety, communication with Gen Z, and campaign effectiveness.

Our industry tends to introduce global trends, but we are still influenced by a quite traditional and small economic market. Thanks mainly to our creativity, in a world where automation, technology, and big data are taking the lead, we continue to create our own original advertising market.

Marketing mreža: Who are the changemakers in the Serbian advertising industry? 

Marija Matić: Every individual fighting to keep this market one step ahead year after year. Every advertiser, agency, and media outlet investing in the innovative development of their operating segments.

Marketing mreža: In what way do you contribute to the profession’s growth (personally and through your work at the agency/company)? 

Marija Matić: Direct Media is an agency that brings the latest trends to the market and develops robust strategic campaigns. We’re also part of all professional associations while providing full support to initiatives aimed at market improvement and standardization.

Direct Media’s strategic route are modern communications with a realistic grasp of the effectiveness of offline and online advertising. As a local independent agency, we have the advantage of thorough understanding of the local market and creating effective communication campaigns applied exclusively in the regional market.

Of course, our focus — like that of advertisers and companies in general — is communicating with Generation Z. We were the first agency to do surveys on both Gen Z and Millennials. However, considering the population demographics, we also take into account the importance of other segments and target audiences.

I’d also add that one of our main results this year is the growing number of digital native brands we work with and the truly advanced communications we’re developing.

Marketing mreža: Who holds the responsibility for the profession’s reputation in Serbia today? 

Marija Matić: This is a common topic with few specific answers. Everyone in the industry is responsible for the profession’s reputation. What is important is that this year IAA Serbia and Ipsos Strategic Marketing conducted a survey on the reputation of the marketing profession. I’d suggest reading the report as it provides some answers.

Marketing mreža: My 2023 expectations are… 

Marija Matić: Big! May it surprise us with wonderful events and more peace than in 2022.

In 2023, I wish everyone health above all, and then lots of success and joy.