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We are a Family Friendly agency

Our employees are the ones who stand behind our success — their satisfaction and loyalty are essential for successful development and further growth of Direct Media.

In 2019, Direct Media became the first SEE marketing agency to meet all the requirements for the prestigious Family Friendly Enterprise certificate.

We have successfully proven that the company’s policy is strongly centered on creating a balance between employees’ professional and personal lives. These efforts and initiatives aim to above all make official everything that we have been doing for years in terms of caring for people and investing in employee satisfaction.

Family Friendly certificate is a long-term advisory procedure, in which the setting and introducing of special targets and measures focused on people ensure better working conditions and balancing between employees’ professional and personal lives. Through our consistent employee policy and practice, we have already proven why Direct is one of the most popular employers, and the Family Friendly certification and annual recertification confirm the existing policy and its upgrading.

The agency has a Family Friendly team consisting of employees from across departments in charge of selecting proposed measures, and then also their successful implementation.
Our rule is to include employees as much as possible in issues concerning their work environment, and that is why it is extremely important that representatives of different generations and departments take part in the team.

In addition to all the existing benefits that we have been implementing as a company for years, we keep introducing new measures every year to further balance employees’ professional and personal needs, including flexible working hours and workplace, introducing special healthcare and healthy lifestyle programs, supporting physical and mental health, absence from work over special circumstances that exceed the statutory minimum, etc.

We are proud to note that we were the regional industry’s first agency to open the door to a new business philosophy that offers a range of opportunities tailored to our people’s individual needs.

We firmly believe that satisfied and motivated employees achieve the best results.