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Direct TALKS Podcast: Performance marketing – what you thought it is, but it isn’t

New episode of Direct TALKS Podcast is online!

This episode’s host is our Andjela Cvetković, Head of Digital Media Investment. Andjela’s guest is Igor Možek, Performance Marketing Manager from Shoppster Serbia

Straight from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Andjela accidentally ended up in a marketing agency and it was love at first click! She is a passionate fighter for equality and women’s rights as much as she is passionate about digital marketing.

In Shoppster Serbia, Igor is developing and running execution of performance marketing multichannel strategy and managing performance budgets and channels for SEE. Admittedly, he is a travel junkie who is always meddling in all kinds of work and trying to learn something new in ecommerce and digital in general.

Ecommerce boom has given us a new paradigm of digital marketing. So, how exactly digital marketing looks like from the perspective of an ecommerce platform? How many of us know exactly where the customer journey begins, how it looks like and where it ends?

Andjela interviewed Igor about the role of performance marketing manager in such a complex environment.

Watch the episode here:

Host: Anđela Cvetković, Head of Digital Media Investment, DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions

Guest: Igor Možek, Regional Performance Marketing Manager, Shoppster Srbija